Steven Gruar

Steven Gruar

Steven Gruar, Sales Manager Life Science UK, IPP

Steven joined IPP in September 2020 as the sales manager for life sciences UK. Steve works with a multitude of medical device manufacturers to help understand the regulatory requirements of the industry and provide solutions.

Airborne Ultrasound - The future of testing for medical pouch seals.

As the requirements for deterministic and quantitative testing of pouch seals continue to grow in the Medical Device industry, IPP will give an overview of the latest requirements and ultrasound technologies that non-destructively and non-invasively inspect the quality of seals.

Traditional test methods such as peel strength or burst, can measure the joint strength of the seal, using destructive methods. However, this type of testing is often unreliable. There is a fundamental challenge to any leak testing method, whether it is a bubble leak test, vacuum differential, or manual visual method, none of these methods detect non-leaking seal defects.

This presentation will evaluate the methods conducted by ultrasound technology, where ultrasound waves are allowed to propagate through package seals, identifying the defects by measuring the variation of the reflected signal strength.

Ultrasound technology provides a deterministic inspection solution that works for any material type and combination. It is a non-destructive and repeatable method that can be integrated for 100% online defect detection of final pouch seals.

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