Kate Walker

Kate Walker

Kate Walker, Founder and CEO, ExpHand Prosthetics

Kate Walker is the founder of ExpHand Prosthetics, a medical device company that has developed novel prosthetics for children that can be adjusted to grow with them.

Kate founded her company, ExpHand Prosthetics at the age of 22 whilst she was studying her degree in Product Design Engineering. ExpHand Prosthetics is now a well recognised company particularly across the Midlands and is known for its mission to bring prosthetics to children that would otherwise go without.

Kates pursuit for practical innovation that meets the needs of users can be seen in her work and the goals of international growth for ExpHand Prosthetics to enable prosthetics to be sustainably produced worldwide.

Through Kate's vision and leadership, ExpHand Prosthetics has come to be known as a leading prosthetics startup providing innovative solutions to the worldwide prosthetics problem